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標題: JS不想工作找個好點的藉口比較好 [打印本頁]

作者: lucy_haha    時間: 29-4-2017 11:58 AM     標題: JS不想工作找個好點的藉口比較好

From Editorial:
I recently put up a gifting board for NC items I no longer use. I've done this several times before. This time though, I suppose someone reported it and when I got up the next day I found a "gentle reminder" from TNT telling me such boards were not permitted. The board was gone. I was simply trying to help fellow Neopians. I looked up some old editorials and it did say they are NOT permitted because it encourages begging. OK. So yesterday, someone else did the same thing and nothing happens to them. Board is still and I know a few people reported it.

I'm so sorry that happened! However, it's definitely not a black and white issue, it is pretty much up to the monitors discretion whether a board is crossing the line. Advice for the future, try to keep everything as much within the rules as you can.
龍門任你搬~ 飄移境界~

這是甚麼廢話, 那你Riot Week的時候不做好工作去獨立看是不是spam? 還成功令Riot Week的人被怨是他們弄出來, 明明就是JS懶, monitors的工作不就是應該要去判斷甚麼是spam嗎?!! 現在這個老早寫明超易跟隨的你就說是monitors去定奪?!! JS是在耍人吧?!!

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